Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of Frisoli’s values and projects. Frisoli is committed to creating eco-friendly products and minimizing the consumption of natural resources and residues created during production. The company sources the cleanest production technologies available on the market and is always searching for innovative solutions to optimize work cycles and reduce the consumption of raw material.


Frisoli uses electricity produced from renewable sources, consisting of a fleet of photovoltaic solar panels with a potential power of 400 kW. The energy harnessed from the solar panels is mostly sufficient to meet the company’s needs.
The lighting systems are all made with low consumlong-lastingng lasting LED lamps.
A low environmental impact fuel such as methane is used for autoclaving processed composite materials.


In the production cycle, there is no direct use of water.

Raw Material

Frisoli’s products are created using composite materials, namely carbon that is supplied as rolls of cloths that are then cut, shaped, cooked and processed. A numeric control kit cutting bench is used in the cutting phase, which maximizes the use of the carbon cloth, reducing waste to a minimum.
The resins and paints used, are supplied in the quantities strictly sufficient for the requested production, minimizing the use of chemicals.

Packaging And Waste

Frisoli uses packing materials that are wholly or partially reusable. The residues and waste generated during the production phases are collected favoring, where possible, forms of reuse or recycling.