Composite materials are the fabrics of Frisoli’s creations that skilled artisans mold, shape and transform into unique materials and textures. All of Frisoli’s creations leverage their 30 years of experience in aerospace engineering and are the result of months of experimentation to develop the perfect composition of design aesthetics, texture, colors and brightness. The aesthetic revolution of the composite materials does not, however, affect their technical characteristics, preserving the products strength and lightweight.

The richness of Frisoli’s work lies in shaping every single piece by hand and performing the processes of fiber transformation on the finished products. In fact, there is no stock of Frisoli materials; the finishing is done as the last step in production making each piece truly unique and irreproducible.

1. Penelope

Interweaving carbon fibers that are dressed in gold is the formation of Penelope, leaving the golden texture visible with a covering of resin to protect the surface. The ability to give a vital color to naturally black material, leaving the beauty of its filaments visible, is of significant aesthetic and emotional impact. The gold texture provides light and character, making each piece the silent protagonist of the environments where it is located. Penelope reveals the sensual beauty of all the pieces for which it is used.

2. Artemide

To create Artemide, the carbon fibers, naturally black, are regenerated with brilliant silver and are enhanced by a glossy resin finishing. This luminescent material emanates vivacity and spirit, transmitting a renewed freshness to the environment. And, as told in the most beautiful Greek legends, Artemide wraps our homes with the silver reflections of the moon.

3. Cloto

The carbon fiber surface of Cloto is enriched with drippings of gray aerospace resin that creates striking hues and patterns. A final glossy finish is used to protect the surface and to reflect the surrounding light. Each piece made with Cloto has its own unique mix of mesmerizing patterns while showing part of the black filaments that make up its base. The decorations make each piece different from others, creating a one-of-a-kind effect.

4. Lachesi

Lachesi is a mix of carbon fiber and pale blue fiberglass, which is then slowly coated with aerospace resin to create unique decorative patterns. The combination of blue and black of the overlying designs is of significant aesthetic and emotional impact. Lachesi has a sophisticated elegance that fits easily into any space given the nature of its colors.

5. Gea

Gea is a rare aerospace material. It has a peculiar mix of colors that makes it aesthetically similar to wood but with aubergine shades interrupted by bright coppery streaks that embellish the surface.

Gea is an emblem of elegance and refinement. The manual processing and the ability to create customized designs and shades make it particularly interesting. Gea comes in two variants, one with circular surface patterns and the other with shapeless surface processing.

6. Yves

Yves is a unique material where the stunning shade of deep blue plays is unified the carbon fibers fabrics. The brush strokes of International Blue Klein enhance and embellish the shape of each piece with their exceptional brightness and intensity. The material finishing is done as the last step in production; in fact, every single piece is unique in it subtle differences giving exclusive clients exclusive irreproducible creations