Coat Rack in Cloto

This beautiful coat rack is a striking piece of functional decor that will enrich the wall in a contemporary entryway. It is part of the Sorry Jannis collection, inspired by Jannis Kounellis, one of the most highly regarded interpreters of Arte Povera.

It’s utterly unique aesthetic is achieved by using Frisoli Cloto, a one-of-a-kind material developed by Frisoli. Each panel is composed of carbon fiber that is coated with an aerospace resin to create a superb interplay of dark grey and black hues. As it is handcrafted, each piece is truly unique and slightly different from each other. This unique Coat Rack in Cloto is an elegant post-modern decorative accent.

Carbon fiber, aerospace resins

Dimensions (cm)
102 x 104

This piece can be personalized or customized to meet the needs of our clients

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